How To Use Aeroleads Email Finder?

To use Aeroleads Email Finder, follow the below steps-

Install Aeroleads Email finder Chrome Extension from Chrome Store

Aeroleads Email Finder Chrome Extension

Sign up for your Aeroleads account

Aeroleads Sign Up

After you create an account, choose Email Finder from the left sidebar

Go to LinkedIn Search (or CrunchBase, AngelList, Xing etc) and do your search for people. Add the relevant leads and prospects to AeroLeads using our chrome extension.

In the Email Finder box, enter a full name and the domain name of the email address

For example– mehak @

Aeroleads Email Finder

After entering the name of the person, along with the domain id, click on ‘Search’
If it’s a valid email id, the result would show it as ‘valid’, if it’s ‘invalid’ then vice-versa.

Updated on: 28/09/2022

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