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How to improve your email success and conversion rates?

You can improve your email success and conversion rates by 2 methods-

Sending Emails to Oranges
Drip Campaign

I am very sure a good number of emails in oranges are correct after looking at the patterns. For example, while looking at Servier (see its pattern), it is obvious that have firstname.lastname

Please check where plenty of freelancers are willing to send emails from their domain.
Do talk to them and ask for inbox delivery either from your domain or from their domain.
Do ask them to send 2nd email after 3 days and another on 7th Day.
Do not forget to ask for report and do add your own emails in the list you are providing them to make sure they deliver the email and you can verify.

Now you also need to run Drip Campaign. There are plenty of software using which you can run drip marketing which is sending 1st email on 1st day, 2nd on 3rd day etc. Normally you will get conversions in your 3rd or 4th email. Here are some drip software names and

You can of course take help from fiverr freelancers too for this.

See some profiles for example.

Ideally you want to find guy who send emails for you and not just do a setup. Make sure he guarantees email delivery to inbox (or at least 70%).

Updated on: 21/09/2021

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